Welcome to the home page of KS7H.

This is a page under constant construction.  Eventually it will become filled with a lot of interesting stuff, but for now, it is very simple and quite plain.

Eventually you will find information about Ham Radio, my station, and my operating activities here. 

You can also find links to my logging software package, KSLog.

KSLog, under development on and off for a number of years has a number of features that I have found useful to include.  These include features like finding QSOs that you've made in the past with the station you are working now, the ability to log multiple stations into a single database, and the ability to network log - think Field Day with many stations under one call sign.  To learn more about KSLog follow this link to the KSLog page!

I have also just added a page where you can take a practice test for the Technician Class license.  Eventually, I will enter the question pool for the General and Extra Class tests as well.  It's going to take a while, since that is a LOT of typing and data entry.

Last modified on 2014-04-24 by Jeff Hasz