Welcome to the home page for the KSLog Ham Radio QSO logger program!

With the first release of KSLog I have attempted to streamline the logging process while still maintaining the kinds of data that we as hams would like to keep and maintain about our activities on the air.

KSLog comes with the Derby database from the Apache Software Foundation. It is installed as a network database, however, you can decide if you want to allow your database to be accessible over your local network, or only from the software running on your computer.  The network capability can be used for Field Day, DXpeditions, and multi-station/multi-op contesting.  Think of it as facilitating a LAN party except that it's a QSO party!

The current distribution that is in the downloads area of the website only contains the client software so if you decide to download and use it, you will need to also download a copy of Derby from the Apache Software Foundation website: db.apache.org/derby.  Setup and configuration isn't difficult, but can be a bit tricky.  Eventually I will have an install script that will install Derby, configure it for your installation, and set it up as a service on your Windows system.

 I currently have solved the problem of setting it up as a service, but now need to write the installation and configuration scripts.

Shortly I will post some screen shots and documentation.

Last modified on 2011-02-21 by Jeff Hasz